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health benefits of liposuction

You already know that liposuction can help sculpt a more shapely physique. But can it also provide some actual health benefits. A government study is investigating just that. Can Liposuction provide similar health benefits as diet and exercise, such as reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes is closely linked to obesity. The good news is that type 2 diabetes can almost always be stopped through weight loss and exercise. But now, researchers say, liposuction could offer a quicker fix.

"Liposuction was developed for [removing] localized fatty deposits from thin people," agrees study leader Sharon Y. Giese, MD, a clinical assistant professor at SUNY Downstate College of Medicine in Brooklyn, N.Y. But years of experience have convinced her that the procedure can be performed safely on people who are 20-50 pounds above their ideal weight.

What surprised Giese, prompting the pilot study on which this latest research is based, was the fact that "75% of patients maintained their weight loss [from liposuction] without changing any of their eating or exercise habits." To a trained biochemist, she tells WebMD, "it didn't make sense. People should have to eat less and exercise more [to maintain the loss]."

Liposuction Could Lead to Better Health

In that initial study, Giese removed "an average of 12 pounds of subcutaneous fat from 14 healthy, overweight premenopausal women, half of whom had some level of insulin resistance" as shown by high insulin levels in the blood. Six weeks later, each "was down one to 2 clothing sizes -- a loss of about 12 pounds and 12 inches" -- and had less insulin resistance.

At the annual ASPS meeting in October, Giese will present data showing that in 75% of the women, "all the four-month findings -- weight, blood pressure decreases, and improved insulin resistance -- were maintained at one year."

We generally have informed our patients that after our procedures their bodies enter a hypercatabolic state where they can lose weight more easily. This makes liposuction/SmartlipoTM a great way to kick start your new healthy lifestyle.

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