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Liposuction/SmartlipoTM Testimonials*


"So everybody is getting Lipo these days to start themselves to looking and feeling better. Everyone I knew was getting it done. I was thinking to get my chin and my upper arms done. So, I started my research and Los Angeles Lipo came up on Google and they had a deal on Lipo. Called for a consultation, went in low and behold my consultation also became my pre-op date. For some reason I was just very comfortable no major concerns I felt like I was in great hands. I had to get lab work done to make sure everything was on the up and up and was cleared for lipo surgery. One week later I was prepping for lipo of course anxiety and nerves kicked in. Before I knew it I was on the table so relaxed. The doctor who did my lipo I never felt a thing!!!!! I was able to have conversations the whole entire time my lipo was getting done!!!!!! The Nurses the doctors all the way to the end of my procedure very caring!!!!!! I am soooo happy I chose Los Angeles lipo. Went for my follow up today 1 week. Great progress! I feel great! Can't wait to see how I look for the 1 month follow up!!! Thank you Dr. Roberts and your professional team for making this a great experience!!!!!" (see pictures)
Louella C. (Yelp)
"Dr. Robert and Dr. O'Connell are the best. The entire staff is very professional, knowledgeable and takes time to answer all of your questions. Dr. Robert is very honest about expectations based on your body and your desires. I very much appreciated his candor; he makes you feel very comfortable. Dr. O'Connell performed my surgery. He is a very 'salt of the earth' type guy and immediately makes you feel comfortable. And, he's a perfectionist and has an artistic eye to get the best aesthetic result. From the first call I made to the office, initial visit, surgery day and follow-up appointments, this was one of the best experiences. I feel the cost is very fair, especially for the results. You can't go wrong with this group. I highly recommend giving them a call and setting up a consultation." (see pictures)
Rod W. (Yelp)
"I had amazing experience at dr. Robert office He truly stands behind his work. At first i was scared of getting lipo done - dr Robert change my experience by 180" He is very honest and took time to educate me about procedure. I have been consulting with other doctors before and nobody didnt gave me confidence and honest opinion. Results after my smartlipo are amazing - dr Robert been following up with me next day after surgery making sure i am ok. This is huge ! Majority doctors would never do that !! I would highly recommend dr. Robert ! Cant go wrong !" (see pictures)
Laura M. (Yelp)
"Dr. Robert and his staff were so amazing! Very friendly, informative, and even entertaining lol! They all really made my procedure as comfortable as possible and made me feel very welcomed from the moment I walked in. His Encino office is absolutely beautiful and has the most comfortable couch I've ever sat on lol. During my entire procedure Dr. Robert would ask if I had any pain and any time I did, he immediately administered more anesthesia and took the time needed for it to set in. He was extremely thorough from pre-op to post-op and even called the following Sunday to check on my mom and I who both had the same procedure back to back and also to thank us again for choosing to go to him. I am only 5 days post op and so far so good, but I can't really comment on my results since it hasn't been long enough. I will however, update this review some time between week 2 and 4 but have a high level of confidence in Dr. Robert and believe my results will be outstanding. My mom and I both 100% feel we made the right decision and will be discussing going back for other procedures and/or treatments in the near future. UPDATE: It has been 2 months now, sorry for taking a while to update! I'm in love with my results! My arms are tiny and my stomach is completely flat. One of the best decisions I've ever made." (see pictures)
Tatian F. (Yelp)
"Best experience! Dr. Roberts and his team are absolutely amazing. From the consultation, procedure, to the after care, him and his team take their time to make you feel welcome and comfortable. During the consultation he and his nurse addressed all my questions and concerns. I made him aware of areas that I felt needed smart lipo. Instead of agreeing with everything that I thought would be best for me, Dr. Roberts and his years of experience, provided me with the best solution for my budget and my body- Love handles, upper and lower abs, and Flanks. By the end of that initial meeting, I had 100% confidence in him and his team. I trusted his judgement and it was the best decision. The day of my procedure, during the preparation, they were so concerned about whether I ate a full meal that he gave me his lunch! Even throughout the procedure, TLC all the way. He takes his time and his nurse is literally right by your side to ensure you stay comfortable all the way through. I literally went back to work 2 days after my procedure. It's been approximately a week since and even during the healing process, my results are amazing! Highly recommend Dr. Roberts!" (see pictures)
Jaime N. (Yelp)

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  • "Dr. Robert is absolutely amazing! From the consultation to the actual surgery he made me feel so comfortable and confident. I was so nervous about surgery but he made me feel so comfortable and took the time to make sure I was okay. I absolutely love my results from smart lipo and I'm only a week out! Dr. Robert Stands behind what he says and is so trustworthy. Very thankful for Dr. Robert and his staff!"
    - Savannah T. (Yelp)
  • "Dr. Robert is not only a wonderful clinician with an eye for natural aesthetic, he is a wonderful person! He treats his clients with compassion and kindness as he guides them to outer and inner beauty! He did my arms and they are lovely!!!! Hello tank tops."
    - Riki R. (Yelp)
  • "I had my flanks and love handles removed by Dr.Robert. I am very active and always have been athletic but my flanks were hereditary and very stubborn which is why I decided smart lipo was the best solution to my problem.. I am so happy with my results, I never could have imagined what a "sexy" back on myself would look like but it's here now and I'm ready for the summer , thank you so much Dr.Robert."
    - Legacy W.