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Special $699 Per Area Pricing for Liposuction and Laser Lipo

What is $699 Special Pricing?

  • We are offering this special pricing as a promotion. It is a limited time special.
  • This special pricing plan is for new patients only.
  • We reserve the right to discontinue this plan at any time.
  • If you have already been given an estimate with this plan, the special pricing will be valid and honored until the expiration of your Treatment Plan (usually within 30 days of the estimate) unless you have placed a deposit with us.
  • There may be extra charges if your BMI is above 25.
  • There may be extra charges if your BMI is above 30.
  • There may be an extra charge if the area to be treated has already been previously treated
  • There may be an extra charge if we are correcting a previous "bad lipo."
  • There may be an extra charge if your procedure needs to be divided into multiple days.
  • There may be extra charges for garment(s).
  • We offer financing; pricing may be tiered if financing company is used.
  • Other restrictions may apply.
  • Please note, that the $699 per area pricing is only valid with a minimum of two (2) areas to be treated.

This promotion may not be used with any other promotions either in print or online.


Treatment and Scheduling?

  • Most treatments can be performed in one day.
  • Most patients only need one treatment to achieve the desired results.
  • Sometimes we may have to break treatments up into two days: 1) If a patient wishes to treat too many areas and we are limited by how much local anesthetic we can use; or 2) If the patient's BMI is very large and we need 2 days to make sure we can remove and melt the maximum amount of fat allowed by CA law {no greater than 5 liters in one session}.
  • We perform our procedures on weekdays and Saturdays. We have several offices in Los Angeles: Encino and Bevelry Hills,and Studio City.
  • Other restrictions may apply.

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  • Dr. Robert is a Rockstar! I had no pain the very next day. I went walking with my husband for 2 miles. I am a Type 1 Diabetic and my insulin requirement has gone down. Thank you, Dr. Hashemiyoon for everything.
    - CS, Grandmother
  • My love handles are gone. No more muffin top sticking over my jeans. I am wearing pants I haven't worn in 15 years.
    - AN, Dentist
  • Dr. Robert is a real artist. I look years younger and love my new figure. And my neck and jowls look wonderful. I look like I had a facelift but I didn't!
    - RG, CPA Accountant