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Bita Bankian, R.N.

Bita Bankian graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Nursing. After graduation, she gained tremendous experience in patient care working for several years in different specialty units such as the ICU, Surgery unit, post CCU and pre/post op of cardiac catheterization, and ER.

Bita Bankian joined Doctors without Borders in 2000 as a nurse working in an Afghan Refugee Repatriation Center in Iran. Over 25,000 refugees were screened during 9 months. She was responsible for managing the pharmacy.

She also evaluated patients for fitness for travel, performed nursing procedures and observing for epidemics (meningitis, dysentery).

In 2001, Bita again joined Doctors Without Borders. This time she worked as a nurse in an emergency situation in Afghanistan where she was responsible for managing the MSF Clinic and triaging patients in the two refugee camps for transfer of severe cases to the hospital. She initiated and supervised the malnutrition programs for the Supplementary Feeding Centre (SFC), and Therapeutic Feeding Centre (TFC) for children and pregnant women.

During this time she also held public health classes to teach health care and sanitation to families with children or expectant mothers.

In 2002, she joined in Medical Referral Unit (MRU), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) to interview and identifying refugees who needed to be referred to hospitals for treatment. Later she continued as a Senior Administrative Assistant to process and supervise the implementation of UNHCR Medical Insurance Plan.

After such a grueling position on the front lines of health care she decided to expand her skills into the aesthetic arena in 2015. She now works with several doctors in various specialty centers in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Her duties range from triage to circulatory nurse, to scrub nurse to second assistant to the physician during procedures.

Her kind and caring heart still shines through as patients constantly shower her with praise for her good nature and compassionate manner.

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